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Fire Pump
Fire Pump
Fireguard pumps are designed to provide water to Stand pipe, Sprinkler and Hydrant systems for Fire suppression in Industrial and commercial facilities. Fireguard pumps are design and manufacture together with advanced testing and accreditation to ensure the utmost in equipment reliability.
  • All interior bolt or screw that are exposed to pumped liquid shall be of rolled bronze or corrosion resistant material
  • The pump shall be provided with automatic air-release valve, circulation relief valve and pressure gauges
  • Bearings shall have an L-10 rating of not less than 5000 hours at maximum load
  • The pumps shall be provided with at least four packing rings plus a lantern ring. The lantern ring may be permitted to replace one ring of packing
  • Impellers, wear rings, shafts, lantern rings, glands shall be made of corrosion resistant material
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