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Foam, Water, Co2
Foam, Water, Co2

Foam Extinguishers:

Fireguard Foam fire extinguishers are suitable for both Class A & B fires. Foam fire extinguishers have the ability to reduce the risk of re-ignition. Once the fire has been extinguished the foam effectively seals the vapours at the same time as cooling the fire

Water Extinguishers:

Fireguard Water extinguishers are reliable and effective general purpose extinguishers, providing a cost effective solution for tackling freely burning material, such as paper, cloth, wood and furniture. Can penetrate and knock out deep-seated Class A fires.

Co2 Extinguishers:
Fireguard CO2 fire extinguishers are suitable for electrical equipment, Class B fires and are recognised for its non-damaging highly effective performance and cleanliness. CO2s have non-conductive anti-static horns. Because the gas is harmless to delicate equipment and materials, it is ideal for modern office environments, all electrical risks and where oils, spirits and solvents are in use.

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